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The Sweden Tour

Strong Woman


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Up to date

Sweden is now the end of the Strong Women tour. What a trip it has been!

From north to south, lots of meetings where my works with their power animals both touched, inspired and created food for thought for a better world.

The journey with these strong, wonderful women has gone through the country, I have carried their stories with me and where those who listened to the message had both tears in their eyes and joy in their hearts. Many have asked me to never stop this important work, as it is needed in our world. Especially now.

I also humbly thank all the women who have been on the journey, who inspired, who motivated and lit the light in others' eyes. Keep doing it.

Some words I send along the way are to never give up, to always show love and respect to your fellow man, to listen and help. At the time of writing, I am now also creating Strong Men coming in 2024. The subject is the same, the power animals as well, but the paintings will be different this time - also for a reason..

Thank you 2023!

The tour 2023

During the Sweden tour 2023, the Strong Women exhibition was shown in the following locations below in Sweden.

During the year, Elaine has lectured as well as shown and talked about the important message of humanism and humanity. Through the works, strong women from all over the country have met other people whom they inspired and motivated to something better and how to go from darkness to light. Crying, joy, hope, faith and love have been mixed. Food for thoughts has been raised.

Some examples:

The teachers who opened their eyes after the lecture and realized that they had girls in the class who were probably victims of honor violence or sexual abuse and that they needed to do something more.

The man who never talked openly about his feelings and realized that his family is everything and suddenly stands up and talks about how much he loves his wife and children. Everyone bursts into tears and hugs each other.

The man and the woman have previously experienced persecution but never really talked to each other about it.

The child who grabs the mother's hand and asks her to never cry again and says that they are strong together and have each other.

The guys who come in, run around and argue with each other and who stop in silence, admiring. They stop fighting and start appreciatively patting each other on the back and saying positive things to their friends.

The police who every day see both positive and less positive things and who burst into tears and say that together we must never stop fighting or give up hope.

The woman who didn't dare before and who feels strengthened by hope and exclaims that she will never run away or let someone else step on her again.

..and more..

Many thanks to all the women, the audience and also the tour partners below:

Konstrundan in Kolbäcksdalen, Hallstahammar 7-9 April - over 1000 specific visitors over three days. On social media, the exhibition had over 128,000 views.

Golden Uttern, Gränna 6-26 May - over 500 specific visitors during the period. On social media, the exhibition had over 80,000 views.

Brunnbäck's manor, Avesta 11 June - 2 July - over 200 specific visitors during the period. On social media, the exhibition had over 69,000 views.

Kronovall's wine castle, Österlén 29 July - 11 August - approx. 250 specific visitors during the period. On social media, the exhibition had over 365,000 views.

Metropolhuset in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet, the Citizen's School and ScenKonst and The Myth of the Woman, Sundsvall 1-28 September - approx. 150 visitors during the period. On social media, the exhibition had over 301,000 views.

Gysinge manor, Gysinge 30 September - 29 October - approx. 450 visitors. On social media over 156,000 views.

Alvikstorpet, Stockholm 17-29 November - approx. 100 visitors. About 151,000 views on social media.

Many many hugs and thanks for 2023!


November - Alvikstorpet, Stockholm

Oktober -Gysinge mansion, Gysinge Gävle

September - Metropolhouse, Sundsvall

Juli-Augusti - Kronovalls vinery castle, Österlen

Juni - Brunnbäcks mansion, Avesta

Maj - Gyllene Uttern, Gränna

April - Art Round in Kolbackdalen, Hallstahammar