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During 24-26 November 2023, Hillerström herself got the opportunity to show her art in Brussels, Belgium after a personal invitation from gallerist Mickaella Himmelström, The Swedish Art Gallery in Malmö.

In 2024, the trip also goes to New York Art Expo 4-7th April, Monaco Art Expo in 23-25th August and Paris Louvren in 18-20th Oktober.

"I am so incredibly happy to have this opportunity and for the wonderful reception I have received. The message I want to convey through my art can now continue." /Elaine

One of Sweden's and internationally most established art critics Stig Åke Stålnacke, a member of AICA/International Art Critique Association, has assessed Hillerström's art and given his opinion.

Read his very nice review HERE!

2023 24-26 November Brussels, Belgium

Upcoming Strong men 2024

Now the Strong Women exhibition has ended and work has begun on the upcoming Strong Men exhibition. The new exhibition will be somewhat different than for Strong Women. Theme and power animal are the same. Even men are involved in things that often no one talks about. There is a kind of shame in admitting as a man that you have experienced something that can perhaps be interpreted as weakness - often in the treatment of other men. The demands or standards placed on both women and men are sometimes completely unreasonable. We are all human, need to see each other as such and that we all live together on this planet. Without one or the other, nothing can exist. We need each other, in a good way, where love and care reign in harmony. The men who are in this sequel to Strong Women want to change our way of thinking, talk openly about what they have been through and break the often unreasonable norms that prevail and start talking more openly about those questions and issues. Once and for all! More information about the exhibition will come in the spring of 2024.

Don't miss an exhibition with three creative artists in March!

The gates will be opened on Saturday, March 2 at 14: 00-18: 00 at Hillerström's studio where you meet three new fantastic artists - Björn Johansson, Bitte Eggers and Anita Lindholm, who all exhibit throughout March. At the longest, the exhibition is going on until March 29th.

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We welcome the following artists 2024 


Exhibition February 3 - February 28

Vernissage February 3 at 13: 00-18: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

Lor has a very specific and very own expression in his art. Now we again get the chance to experience her work through a whole new series and style where the dreams take you out into space and the universe.
You will also find her art at www.tarbystavlor.se


Exhibition March 2 - March 27
Vernissage March 2 at 14: 00-18: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

Björn began his artistry under the name Lightbulb in 1998. Since then, he has devoted himself to artistically aimed audiivisual production in areas such as film, television and computer graphics. The website "DJ Blue" was a model with color selection and logo to Facebook's first graphic profile. Björn was also involved in the model Music Video database "Burningstv.se" which Google had as a model when creating Youtube. In recent years he has worked with texts and published his own literature. He creates, among other things, inventions PCH publishes artistic writings in small editions that can be found in the webshop www.bollenmastefram.se. In all creation, his focus is the engineer: to build up, make new and design.


Exhibition March 2 - March 27
Vernissage March 2 at 14: 00-18: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

Bitte creates works based on the power of nature and the universe where the positive creative is shaped by colors, energies, experiences, relationships and life's journey in itself. The brush creates works with a special view of life. Through wax painting and Vedicart, additional dimensions and depths are created to be considered.
Experience Bitte's artwork even in her jewelry. Bitte is both medial, shamanic and a healer - which is also embodied in her special and unique works.


Exhibition March 2 - March 27
Vernissage March 2 at 14: 00-18: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

Anita was born in Finland in 1963 and lives in Västerås where it is possible to visit her home studio and see her paintings over a coffee.
The passion for the art has been around since childhood and followed along during life where the painting has been re -raised in recent times. The inspiration is taken from everyday impressions and joy of life. Anita is autodidact and paints in acrylic and mixing technology. Read more at https://anilinart.anitabirgitta.se


Exhibition April 13 - April 30
Vernissage April 13 at 13: 00-18: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

Martina loves to explore the world through color and shape. She paints mainly in acrylic and watercolor. The painting takes place intuitively, where emotions and thoughts flow freely to something unique. Art for her is not just about creating visually appealing images but also about personal expression with an emotional connection with the viewer. Harmony and balance are important factors as Martina affects the emotions through colors. Martina believes in a supportive and inspiring environment where each individual is allowed to flourish in a positive spirit with their artistic voice.
Discover more at www.martinacreativeart.com


Exhibition May 4 - May 30
Vernissage May 4 at 14: 00-18: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

Art of E is the name Elisabeth uses as an artist name for all her paintings and creations, to begin with to distinguish her writings and publications from her artistic side. When she paints, she lets go of herself, her self, to give room for her soul to take shape and guide. She calls this process Art of Experience, a journey that navigates existence as its multifaceted expression develops, played out and created, manifested in her own life. Here you will find a lot of light and darkness during her now twenty -year -old art trip. Her work is created in many mediums; Oil and acrylic on canvas, embroidery, graphic design, photography, beads and stones and other on wood, etc. Of course, visit her web pages: www.artofexperience.com and www.artofexperience.com/continued


Exhibition June 1 - June 30
Vernissage June 1 at 14: 00-20: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

Solvej grew up in Enköping and Västerås. In 1987 she moved to Varberg where she lived for thirty years and then chose to return to Västerås again in 2016.
She learned to paint in her teens through a painting course with Inga-Lill Torstensson as a teacher. Solvej is also trained in art at Folkuniversitetet.
After a great sadness, the desire to create and painting disappeared but it came back twenty years later. She then got new inspiration and the desire back. From oil to now acrylic. And what works she creates then! Don't miss these wonderful creations!

Karin had art as an interest already during school hours. She has attended Västerås art school and went out in 1967 under the teachers Erik Segerberg, Tore Hultqrants, Erik Idar and Osmo Isaksson. She has since worked with graphics and created which also led her to Italy, Spain, England, Öland, Åland, Gotland, Bornholm and Österlen. Inspiration has also come from Asia and Africa during trips there. Karin has been shown in all possible contexts - eg cultural night, at studio five brushes and in several separate and collection exhibitions. She now paints in watercolor. You see her amazing work here at Hillerströms.


Exhibition August 3 - August 31
Vernissage August 3 at 12: 00-17: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

Creation has always been in Tina's life in one form or another. Already as a young man she drew and painted a lot, which then had to stand back for other creative expressions. Now she has found back the painting for some time. As an autodidak artist, with some courses here and there, she uses mixed realistic and abstract elements. Most of it is shaped and inspired by an idea, thought, some text, feeling or image. Acrylic is now warm to the heart. Therefore, do not miss out to consider Tina's beautiful visual arts.


Exhibition September 7 - September 30
Vernissage September 7 at 12: 00-18: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

In Inga-Maria's paintings you meet women and girls, where there is conveyed there.
The history of our foremets and our ancestors gives traces in our hearts.
Days are shaped before any of them are pour.
All people are affected by their own history,
Here and now, and of what has been before.
Long before, in history.


Exhibition September 7 - September 30
Vernissage September 7 at 12: 00-18: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

Weronica has a very own style where strong colors and shapes are shown through swirls, fantasy images, emotions and its own expression of color and shape. Although the images are often unreal, they strongly demonstrate the emotions of reality and the journey of life. They grab you in a way that makes you not get away. You are withdrawn. You are drawn.


Exhibition October 5 - October 30
Vernissage October 5 at 14: 00-19: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

In her art, Maria explores her inner creativity with challenges that lead the art forward. From creation as a hairdresser, cake sculpture, pumpkins and furniture painting, she has today landed in creativity where there is happy to be a combination of paintings and sculptures.
Meeting her creations during the month of October.


Exhibition 2 November - November 30
Vernissage November 2 at 14: 00-20: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

Meet a co -exhibition of three fantastic ladies where each work of art is its own artistic expression of form and person.

Klinne is a relatively new artist and passionate. Suddenly one day, only the creative creation was there. In watercolor and acrylic, Klinne creates completely unique figurines and curvature. Strong colors and patterns grab you and Klinne manages to capture images where others do not see and create a world of their own animals and creations.

Inger has always had creation through life, with a few gaps and then remains. By trying most things and constantly learning new, the art is driven forward. The technicians are therefore often acrylic, watercolor, mixed media and collage. Strong color flows are consistently in her work.

Liselotte conveys its thought images through various forms of wood sculptures. The feeling, the vein and colors of the wood lead her forward to the final work. It becomes everything from reality -related fantasy figures or understandable faces and expressions. Liselotte also handles ceramic art where sculptures take shape. She also loves to paint and then preferably nature with emotions from reality and what is in mind.


Exhibition December 7 - 30 December
Vernissage December 7 at 14: 00-18: 00, Blomstergatan 5, Västerås

Painting is to be an artist. Through color, shape and different techniques, the focus is on healing and whole and getting into the depths of itself. Painting today is to continue to live. Color flows are created based on acrylic, Akrylic Ink and pens that everyone wants to up on canvas, canvas or acrylic paper and occasional wallpaper. Figuratively and abstract, flowers, nature, city and land, lake and sea. Follow her art trip in this unique December exhibition.