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Here you will find upcoming courses.

The price always includes materials, coffee, lunch and other fees as well as a diploma.In addition, you get free ongoing coaching after the course until your painting is ready, as well as the opportunity to freely come in and paint with others at Hillerströms when the studio is open.

Acrylic panting - course

Here you will learn the basics of acrylic painting, color theory and different techniques to paint in acrylic and things to think about in connection with it and how to build a picture.The course starts at 10:00 a.m. until about 6:00 p.m.

Course leader: Elaine Hillerström, artist.

Registration is binding.

Cost: 1200 SEK

Date of courses:

17/2 (part1); 9/3 (part2); 10/3 (part1); 16/3 (part2); 17/3 (part1); 23/3 (mix); 5/5 (mix); 11/5 (part1); 12/5 (part2); 18/5 (part2); 19/5 (part1), 25/5 (mix).

Oil painting - course

Here you learn color theory, consistency and handling of oil paints, various techniques and analysis of the composition of a painting and structure.The course starts at 10:00 a.m. until about 6:00 p.m.

Course leader: Elaine Hillerström, artist.

Registration is binding.

Cost: 1500 SEK

Date of courses:

17/2 (part1); 9/3 (part2); 10/3 (part1); 16/3 (part2); 17/3 (part1); 23/3 (mix); 5/5 (mix); 11/5 (part1); 12/5 (part2); 18/5 (part2); 19/5 (part1), 25/5 (mix).

Photographing - Workshop

A basic course for those who always wanted to start with photography but didn't know how. Now you have the chance to learn from the ground up and how to best compose an image. We will also be partially outdoors.

ATTENTION! This course requires own equipment, i.e. camera. The course starts at 10:00 and ends around 19:00 (depending on the light outside, etc.).

Workshop leader: Elaine Hillerström, artist/photographer.

Registration is binding.

Price: SEK 0

Date of courses: New dates are upcoming.

Said about the courses in photography, oil and acrylic..

"Pedagogical, clear and simple."

"Pedagogical, clear and simple. Gives the highest marks overall."

Per Månsson, Västerås

"Relaxed and very nice!"

"Welcoming and good setup. Relaxed and very nice!Good tutorial. Top marks straight across."

Tina Eliasson, Köping

"Very positively surprised"

"Great set-up all day with theory and practice. Very positively surprised! Gives top marks."

Therese Bastås, Västerås

"Very good content and inspiring.."

"The course content was very good. The teaching educational, clear, inspiring, instructive, positive, supportive. Gives top marks."

Annelie Norrström, Västerås

"Such a good and educational teacher.."

"Such a good teacher, educational and easy to understand how to do. A ray of sunshine, who peps you up and is helpful in what you don't understand. Can highly recommend this painting angel."

Kicki Pettersson, Västerås

"Knowledgeable and solid knowledge in a fun new inspiring way"

"I learned more about colors, brushes, motifs, shapes, from the inside out and vice versa. Elaine sees and hears all of us course participants. Very knowledgeable and happy to share her solid knowledge during the course."

Britt-Marie Eriksson, Västerås

"So educational and fun.."

"Very educational and easy. So much fun. Hear and see all the participants. Clear and clear. An absolutely wonderful day where I got to learn a lot of new things."

Johan Johansson, Västerås

"An absolutely incredible course.."

"An absolutely incredible course with a very easy-going course leader, explained so that everyone understood.Went home very satisfied. The course leader had great knowledge."

Göran Jansson, Hallstahammar

"An excellent course.."

"An excellent course! Knowledgeable course leader and happy and positive. One looks forward to more such courses. The course leader gives positive energy to us all!An incredibly good day! The top! Several courses!"

Ragna H, Västerås

"Many thanks for a fantastic course.."

"Thank you so much for a great course and day. Elaine teaches in a very good way, easy to understand. Shows color theory that I hadn't thought of. Paint from light to dark. RGB was new to me. Thinking about perspective, how the light will and how to use funny brushes.I am super satisfied and can warmly recommend this to others who are keen on painting. Elaine supports during the painting process, gives tips and also lets me think for myself.Many thanks and I will be happy to return several times. Hugs"

Bitte Eggers, Västerås

"..lots of encouragement and constructive feedback.."

"Excellent course in acrylic and oil painting where we got theoretical knowledge and practical practice in different techniques. Lots of encouragement and constructive feedback. Good dialogue with other participants where you also got inspiration from each other.I think the course gave me a bloody tooth to continue painting. In the course we were given the freedom to choose our own motifs based on interest. I give the course the highest rating and would like to recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to paint acrylic and oil painting. Excellent coffee and lunch included in the price."

Henrik Bergander, Västerås