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Welcome to a creative studio where artist Elaine Hillerström, in addition to her own art projects, welcomes various creative talents to show off where they otherwise cannot.

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Art Tour 2024

Strong Men

2023 was the end of Sweden tour Strong Women. Upcoming Strong men in 2024. What a trip!

From north to south, lots of meetings where my works with their power animals both touched, inspired and created food for thoughts for a better world.

The journey with these strong, wonderful women has gone through the country. I have carried their stories with me and where those who listened to the message had both tears in their eyes and joy in their hearts.

Many have asked me to never stop doing this important work, as it is needed in our world. Especially now.

I also humbly thank all the women who have been on the journey, who inspired, who motivated and lit the light in others' eyes. Keep doing it.

Some words I send along the way are to never give up, to always show love and respect to your fellow human, to listen and help. At the time of writing, I am now also creating Strong Men coming in 2024. The subject is the same, the power animals as well, but the paintings will be different this time - also for a reason.. Thank you all 2023 and greatings to 2024!

The artist of the month

Björn Johansson * Bitte Eggers * Anita Lindholm

Warm welcome to exibition with three fantastic artists during Mars!

Don't miss three unique artists and their art. Common vernissage takes place on Saturday, March 2 at 1400-1800. The exhibition runs since the whole of March and as long as Friday March 29.

You meet Björn Johansson who, with his specific art of texts and pictures, shows an emotional influence over life and history.

Bitte Eggers paints colorful and positive motives mixed with her own experiences and fantastic fantasy worlds with different techniques such as acrylic or wax, for example.

Anita Lindholm paints mixed motives where color play is allowed to flow freely with inspiration from life.

Read more about their art under News.


News in short


  • Live painting for the audience drop in at Hillerström's studio.

  • New art courses starts.

  • Bjorn Johansson, Anita LIndholm and Bitte Eggers exibition during whole month.


  • Live painting for the audience drop in at Hillerström's studio.

  • Artist Martina Eriksson exibition starts.

  • Hillerstroms goes to New York, USA.
  • Hillerstroms start exibition Strong Men at Gysinge mansion in the end of april.


  • Live painting and drop in at studio Hillerstroms.

  • Artist Elisabeth Lindberg exibition.

  • Hillerströms exibition and live painting at Gysinge herrgård continues.

Are you interested in any painting?

Most of them is for sale (but not everyone) and can be baught with a message for contact HERE.

Also you´re able to see Hillerstroms own art work HERE.

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